Your Machining Partner

  • Customer and quality focused Machined component and assembly supplier.
  • Full Support for small prototype jobs to large projects working closely with design and engineering teams.
  • A leadership team built on 4 generations of machinists with Wallaceburg Roots.
  • Machining for a variety of customers Oilfield, Agriculture, Gear and Spline Machining, firearms, and Tool and die.
  • Software Suite for efficient communication through Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Mitutoyo Mcosmos, and GibbsCam 5 Axis.
  • Ownership Presence on shop floor ensuring continuous improvement and no compromises.
  • Advanced Technical Fixturing with Custom Fixture design and full FCS Capabilities.


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Equipment and Facility

Our Shop is equipped with only Modern Multi-axis CNC equipment
  • All machines are outfitted with Intuitive probing systems to ensure part accuracy,
    quality, and greatly improve setup times.
  • All of our CNC machines are equipped with automatic tool setters and high speed
    machining functionality.
Modern Mitutoyo full Scanning CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Capable Machining Starts with Capable Inspection
Simultaneous 5 Axis Machining Capabilities
  • Components up to 1000lbs and 30” diameter.
  • High speed 12,000 Rpm Spindle for better finishing and shorter cycle times.
Large Capacity CNC Milling in both Horizontal and Vertical Configurations.
  • Horizontal milling up 64” x 120”
  • 4 Axis Capability up to 10,000 pounds
  • 4 Axis Machining of round components up to 36” Diameter.
Modern CNC Lathe
  • 3000 rpms to support turning / threading operations with high finish requirements
  • Gear box driven spindle to reduce cycle time and add efficiency to metal removal.
Manual turning and Milling Capability
  • We are proud of our team at BMT, no one is more a part of that team than our manual
    machinist with over 50 years of manual lathe experience alone.
  • 5 Ton overhead Crane spanning our entire shop benefits Machining, inspection, and all support equipment.
  • Provides our customers with 100% Traceability and part identification, also used for branding with logos and markings of any kind.
Fully Automatic Bandsaw with 12” Round or Square Capacity
  • Fast, Accurate, Unattended sawing results in Less material waste, more spindle uptime, and more capacity to help our customers compete.